Tokyo University of Science


Mathematics composes theories in a logical and abstract manner, and serves as an important position in supporting the fundamentals of science. This department cultivates human resources who, in these modern times where mathematical education is directly and indirectly required in various sectors, can respond to such needs.

  • Solidly learn the basic areas of mathematics, such as analysis, algebra and geometry.
  • Broadly spread knowledge to the areas for applied mathematics, such as statistics, information mathematics, and discrete mathematics.
  • Focus energy on training teachers, and respond to the demands of students who wish to become teachers.
  • As the only Department of Mathematics in an Undergraduate School of science in Japan that provides evening education, provide an environment where a variety of students can gather and study, and cultivate superior human resources who can achieve success in a broad array of fields as well as in the field of mathematics research.

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Informatics A・B
  • Introductory Mathematics
  • Basic Mathematics A・B
  • Programming A・B
  • Numerical Mathematics 1A・1B
  • Topics in MathematicsA・B
  • Computer Science
  • Numerical Mathematics 2A・2B
  • Data Processing and Analysis A・B
  • Teaching Methods of Information 1・2
  • Introduction to Information System
  • Computer Network
  • Introduction to Networks
  • Coding Theory A・B
  • History of Mathematics A・B
  • English for Mathematics A
  • Introduction of System Administration
  • Seminar
  • <Elective Courses from Other Departments>
    • Dynamics
    • Electromagnetics 2
    • Physical Mathematics 3
    • Physical Mathematics 4
    • Quantum Dynamics 1
    • Relativity
  • <General Subjects>
    • Human Science
    • English
  • Analysis1
  • Analysis2
  • Study in Analysis
  • Differential Equations A・B
  • Complex Analysis A・B
  • Real Analysis A・B
  • Functional Analysis A・B
  • Applied Mathematics 1A・1B
  • Analysis 3A・3B

Graduation Research

  • Ito Research Group
  • Saito Research Group
  • Algebra1
  • Algebra2
  • Study in Algebra
  • Algebra 3A・3B
  • Algebra 4A・4B
  • Advanced Algebra A・B
  • Number Theory A・B

Graduation Research

  • Satou Research Group
  • ここからです!
  • Geometry (1-A) - (1-C) / (2-A) - (2-B) / (4-A) - (4-B)
  • Study in Geometry
  • Advanced Geometry (1-A) - (2-B)
  • Applied Analysis A / B

Graduation Research

  • Sako Research Group
  • Nitta Research Group
  • Topology (1-A) - (2-B)
  • Study in Topology A / B
  • Advanced Topology (1-A) - (2-B)

Graduation Research

  • Satou Research Group
Probability / Statistics
  • Statistics 1 / (2-A) - (3-B)
  • Study in Statistics
  • Applied Statistics A / B
  • Computational Statistics A / B
  • Introduction to Stochastic Processes A / B
  • Advanced Statistics A / B
  • Data Science A / B

Graduation Research

  • Miyaoka Research Group
  • Shimokawa Research Group
Discrete Mathmatics
  • Discrete Mathematics (1-A) - (2-B)

Graduation Research

  • Kotani Research Group
Mathematics Education
  • Theory of Mathematics Education 1 / 2
  • Advanced Mathematics for Teachers (1-A) / (1-B)
  • Study on Educational Materials for Mathe matics A / B
  • Teaching Materials of Mathematics A / B
  • Teaching Materials of Mathematics 1 / 2
  • Mathematics in Education A / B

Graduation Research

  • Sako Research Group

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Education


  • Information industry


  • Service


  • Finance, insurance


  • Retail


  • Publishing, broadcasting


  • Healthcare and insurance industries


  • Transport, Communication


  • Other industries


  • Other (persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


  • Science advanced courses


List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor MIYAOKA Etsuo Statistical science
Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
statistical science
Professor SAKO Akifumi Geometry differential geometry, quantum field theory, noncommutative geometry
Associate Professor ITOU Hiromichi Basic analysis
Associate Professor KOTANI Keiko Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Graph theory
Associate Professor Saito Isao Basic analysis
Associate Professor SATOH Takao Algebra
Cohomology of groups, Combinatorial group theory
Topology(Mapping class group of surfaces, Johnson homomorphisms)
Junior Associate Professor NITTA Yasufumi
Junior Associate Professor SHIMOKAWA Asanao Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics Survival time analysis, Machine Learning, Pattern recognition, Image processing
Assistant Professor MATSUMOTO Toshio Basic analysis Complex Analysis
Assistant Professor NAKAMURA Shunsuke Foundations of mathematics/Applied mathematics
Assistant Professor NOMURA Jiro
Assistant Professor TAKEUCHI Tsukasa Geometry Integrable systems