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From the perspectives of both "hard" and "soft," architecture is something that constructs and conserves the foundation for an environment in which nature, people and society are harmonized. This academic field is not limited to only engineering, but is an integrated field strongly related to society, the economy and culture, and where academics, arts and technology serve as the "Trinity."

Curriculum Chart

Area of Learning

Subjects Common to All Areas

  • Basic Design 1
  • Outline of Building Environment
  • Introduction to structural mechanics
  • Engineering mechanics of solids
  • Outline of Architecture
  • Descriptive Geometry
  • Linear Algebra 1・2
  • Calculus 1・2
  • Building Acoustics,Lighting and Visual Environment 1・2
  • Physics 1・2
  • Chemistry 1・2
  • Exercise of Mathematics 1・2
  • Design Workshop 1・2
  • Programming Technique
  • Architectural Design and Drawing 1・2
  • Building Works
  • Building Code
  • Architectural Design and Drawing 3
  • Project Research
  • Mathematical Science in Architecture 1
  • Graduation Thesis and Design1・2
  • Mathematical Science in Architecture 2
Planning (Section 1)
  • Building Construction Planning A
  • Contemporary Architecture
  • Architectural Details
  • City Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Theory of Architecture Space
  • History of Modern Architecture
  • Planning and Surveillance
  • Planning and Surveillance
  • History of City
  • History of Japanese Architecture
  • Architectural Planning 1・2
  • History of World Architecture
  • Building Construction Planning B

Section 1 Graduation Research

  • Gota Research Group
  • Ito (H) Research Group
  • Kayanoki Research Group*
  • Kumagai Research Group
  • Sakaushi Research Group*
  • Uno Research Group
Environment (Section 2)
  • Building Acoustics,Lighting and Visual Environment 2
  • Building Thermal,Ventilation and Air Quality Environment 2
  • Building Environment A・B・C
  • Building Equipment Design
  • Fire Prevention
  • Outline of Building Equipment and Systems
  • Building Thermal,Ventilation and Air Quality Environment 1
  • Experiment and Exercise of Division 2
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Building Environment

Section 2 Graduation Research

  • Kurabuchi Research Group
  • Nagai Research Group
Structures (Section 3)
  • Building Materials2
  • Building Structural Engineering
  • Wood Structure
  • Earthquake Engineering
  • Metal Structure 2, 3
  • Structural Dynamics 2
  • Concrete Structure 2
  • Foundation Structure
  • Structural Design and Drawing
  • Building Materials 1
  • Metal Structure 1
  • Structural Dynamics 1
  • Concrete Structure
  • Structural Mechanics and Exercise
  • Building Structural Design
  • Experiment and Exercise of Division 3
  • Measurement and Evaluation of Building Environment
  • Experiment and Exercise of Building Structure and Materials

Section 3 Graduation Research

  • Imamoto Research Group*
  • Ito (T) Research Group
  • Kohno Research Group*
  • Kurita Research Group
  • Takahashi Research Group
  • Yamakawa Research Group

Subjects are subject to change due to modifications in the curriculum.
* indicates Division II research groups that can be selected.

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School


  • Construction


  • Real Estate


  • Living-related and Personal Services and Amusement Services


  • Civil Servant


  • Information Industry


  • Building Materials, Exterior


  • Non-profit Organization


  • Other Industries


  • Other(persons planning on continuing education, studying abroad, etc.)


(As of March 2019)

List of Faculty Members

Title Name Research Area Keyword
Professor GOTA Momoyo Town planning/Architectural planning Urban analysis, Architectural planning, Architectural design
Professor IMAMOTO Kei-ichi Building structures/Materials Building materials engineering, Material design
Professor ITO Hirohisa Architectural history/Design Urban History, Architectural History, Conservation Planning
Professor ITO Takumi Building structures/Materials Steel structure, Earthquake engineering, Structural design, Applied mechanics, Hybrid test
Professor KURABUCHI Takashi Architectural environment/Equipment Mechanics of Ventilation,Ventilation Equipment,Cross-Ventilation,CFD 
Professor KURITA Satoshi Building structures/Materials Earthquake Engineering
Professor NAGAI Tatsuo Architectural environment/Equipment Architectural thermal environment, HVAC(Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning)
Professor SAKAUSHI Taku Architectural history/Design architectural aesthetics, architectural design
Professor TAKAHASHI Osamu Building structures/Materials
Professor TSUKUI Yoshihiro
Professor YAMAKAWA Makoto
Associate Professor KAYANOKI MADOKA Architectural history/Design Japan, Modern, Great Kanto Earthquake, Reconstructing Building
Associate Professor KUMAGAI Ryohei Town planning/Architectural planning building construction/architectural rehabilitation technology
Junior Associate Professor KO Kaon Town planning/Architectural planning architectural design
Junior Associate Professor TSUNEYAMA Mio Architectural history/Design architectural plannning, design
Assistant Professor E RIDENGAOQIER
Assistant Professor IKEDA Shintaro Mathematical informatics
Architectural environment/Equipment

Assistant Professor ISHIGURE Masakazu Architectural history/Design
Assistant Professor KIYOHARA Chizuru Building structures/Materials Concrete, Durability,Shrinkage Crack
Assistant Professor MORI Kenjiro
Assistant Professor NABESHIMA Kunihiko
Assistant Professor SAKURAI Takehiro