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Tokyo University of Science x SDGs Building a sustainable world through scientific and technological innovation
Tokyo University of Science x SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the UN at its summit in September 2015 as international goals for 2030 aimed at eradicating poverty, protecting the global environment, and establishing a world in which all people can enjoy peace and prosperity. They are made up of 17 goals and 169 targets and guided by a pledge to “leave no one behind.” (*)These goals are mutually interrelated, and their achievement will require interdisciplinary collaboration among many different people across many different and disparate academic fields.

Over the 140 years since its establishment as the “The Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo (Tokyo Academy of Physics)” in 1881, the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) has grown to become Japan's premier private university of science and engineering, with four campuses encompassing seven undergraduate faculties comprised of thirty-three departments and seven graduate schools comprised of thirty departments. The university’s founding spirit of “Building a better future with Science,” along with a tradition of "Achieving Excellence" through meritocracy, whereby graduation is achieved only by those students who show themselves to be truly capable, has been maintained to this day as the university pursues an education and research ideal of “lnnovation in Science and Technology for Sustainable Development”. This ideal of TUS matches perfectly with the SDGs in its spirit of realizing a sustainable world.

The scope of academic disciplines at TUS spans science and engineering, pharmacy, life and medical science, and management.

Along with the original, international-caliber research being explored within the individual faculties and graduate schools, TUS also pursues its own, distinctively interdisciplinary and integrative collaborative research at the Research Institute for Science and Technology, all of which is focused on addressing the global issues targeted by the SDGs. On top of this, all TUS faculties and graduate schools are working on data science-related research, based on the belief that data science is a key to novel innovations in all areas, not just the SDGs; meanwhile, the Data Science Center is busy finding real-world applications for these research results and training the data science experts who will implement them. In addition, a “Data Science Educational Program” is provided to all students across all faculties.

As the 150th anniversary of the university’s establishment approaches in 2031, TUS has established the “TUS VISION 150” long-term vision for itself, as well as created a medium-term action plan for realization of this vision. The Tokyo University of Science will continue to work towards the creation of a more sustainable world by fostering scientific and technological innovation, including through the graduates it cultivates, the “only TUS” research it pursues, and the benefits for society that its research results provide.

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The Sustainable Develop Goals

The Sustainable Develop Goals (SDGs) are international goals for the years 2016 to 2030 developed as successor goals to the 2001 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and included as part of the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by the UN at its summit in September 2015.The SDGs are made up of 17 goals and 169 targets aimed at the realization of a sustainable world and guided by a pledge to “leave no one behind.” The SDGs are universal goals sought not only for developing countries but by developed countries as well, and Japan is among those actively working towards their achievement.

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