SUMINO Yutaka  Professor
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Advanced Engineering, Department of Applied Physics
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Address 6-3-1, Niijuku, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 125-8585, Japan
TEL : +81-3-5876-1717
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Under-Graduate School
  • 2004, Kyoto University Faculty of Science Department of Science 
Graduate School
  • 2009, Kyoto University Graduate School, Division of Natural Science Physics Doctoral Degree
Postgraduate Qualification
  • Kyoto University Doctor of Science
Research History
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Research Keyword biophysics, chemical physics, softmatter, far-from-equilibrium phenomena
Research Area
  • Nano/Microsystems (collective micro robotics)
  • General applied physics (micro machine)
  • Mathematical physics/Fundamental condensed matter physics (Pattern formation, disspative structure)
  • Biological physics/Chemical physics/Soft matter physics (nonequilibrium softmatter)
  • Functional solid state chemistry (colloid, surfactant, wetting)
Research Theme
  • Construction of experimental/mathematical model for slow earthquake focusing on the boundary at viscous and elastic behavior
  • Investigation of self-moving droplet mimicking biological motion
  • Analysis and application of collective motion
  • Wetting of complex fluids- dynamics of contact line
Academic Awards Received
  • 2015.4.24

    A letter is taken as editor's choice and front cover

  • 2014.11.1

    Young Scientist Award of the Physical Society of Japan

  • 2010.8.6

    Best Poster Presentation Award, 5th Pacific Rim Conference of Rheology

  • 2006.1.7

    Dynamics Days 2006 Student Poster Award

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