Tokyo University of Science


The objectives of the Department of Applied Electronics are to cultivate human resources who possess broad knowledge and creative abilities and to contribute to the field of engineering with new perspectives, by promoting education and research from a wide viewpoint that is linked organically to fields such as information processing, computer systems, measurement/control and electronic devices as the backbone for electronics.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Title Name Research Area
Electronic Devices Professor TOKIWA Kazuyasu Superconducting Materials Engineering
Professor FUJISHIRO Hiroki Nanoelectronic Devices / Optoelectronic Devices
Associate Professor IKUNO Takashi Nanoelectronic Materials
Computer Systems Professor SATAKE Shin-ichi Simulation Engineering
Professor MASUDA Nobuyuki Computer Engineering
Junior Associate Professor ANDO Tadashi Computational Biological Physics
Information Processing Professor AIKAWA Naoyuki Signal Processing
Professor ITAMI Makoto Communication Engineering
Professor HARADA Tetsuya Human Interface
Measurement/Control Professor TANIGUCHI Jun Nanotechnology
Associate Professor SHIBA Kenji Biomedical Electronic Engineering, Electromagnetic Environmental Engineering
Associate Professor KAI Tatsuya Control Engineering, Robotics
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Electronic Devices Visiting Professor IYO Akira Superconducting Engineering (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Professor* TOKIWA Kazuyasu
Visiting Professor HIRAYAMA Hideki Quantum Optodevice (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
Professor* FUJISHIRO Hiroki
Visiting Professor MAEDA Tatsuro Semiconductor integration (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Professor* FUJISHIRO Hiroki
Information Processing Visiting Professor KATO Susumu Operation Support Systems in ITS (Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Professor* ITAMI Makoto
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.