TUS Forum 2020: New Approaches toward SDGs-Looking Ahead to Social Changes After the Coronavirus (11/17 Forum Report)


On Tuesday, November 17, 2020, the TUS Forum 2020 was held as a live streaming Web event, based on the theme of "New Approaches toward SDGs-Looking Ahead to Social Changes After the Coronavirus".

At the time of preliminary registration, the number of applicants exceeded the initial capacity, indicating the extent of interest in the University's approaches toward SDGs.

TUS President Yoichi Matsumoto kicked off the Forum with a greeting and keynote speech, followed by an invited lecture by Takashi Shimada, the former Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry who is currently a special advisor to Dream Incubator Inc. Next up were lectures by TUS Vice President Masato Wakayama and Chang-Geon Shin, who is Director of the Liberal Arts Center for Education and Research at TUS. There were also special lectures by Professor Robert Feldman of the Graduate School of Management at TUS and Professor Christina Ahmadjian of the Graduate School of Business Administration at Hitotsubashi University.

The Forum closed with a panel discussion among the lecturers. Based on the theme of "Thinking About Universities After the Coronavirus", discussions were held centering on the three issues of "What will the coronavirus peril reveal, and how can we turn this into an opportunity?", "In such a situation, what kinds of actions should universities take toward achieving SDGs?" and "How will the Tokyo University of Science evolve education and research to contribute to achieving SDGs?". Opinions flew about from each lecturer's perspective, and they reached the powerful conclusion that "rather than perceiving this new threat called the novel coronavirus as only a threat, we have to see this as an opportunity and trigger for new research; universities must become united and make approaches toward SDGs and resolving new challenges."

Recordings of the lectures and panel discussions from this day will be published at a later date on the special site as part of the archives.
Please feel free to watch "Movie on Introduction to Research" that introduces the Tokyo University of Science's SDGs and research related to coronavirus infection. It is available for viewing on the site.

Special site for TUS Forum: ■<>

Asahi Education Forum 2020
Takashi Shimada
(Special advisor to Dream Incubator Inc.)
Asahi Education Forum 2020
President Yoichiro Matsumoto

Asahi Education Forum 2020
Professor Christina Ahmadjian
(Hitotsubashi University Graduate School
of Business Administration)
Asahi Education Forum 2020
Professor Robert Feldman
(TUS Graduate School of Management)

Asahi Education Forum 2020
Vice President Masato Wakayama

Asahi Education Forum 2020
Chang-Geon Shin, Director of the Liberal
Arts Center for Education and Research
Asahi Education Forum 2020
Vice President Hiroki Fujishiro
Asahi Education Forum 2020
Panel discussion
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