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(As of May 2020)

Practice All-Around Liberal Arts Education in the Wilderness of Hokkaido, Build Rich Human Qualities and Enrich Basic Scholastic Ability

The educational, research philosophy of the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology is "creating science and technology for nature, people and society and the harmonious development of both." The objective of this faculty is to contribute to the cultural development by carrying out educational research on the principles of science and engineering and their applications, together with general education, to cultivate promising people with good character and an abundance of applied skills. In aiming to achieve this, all-around liberal arts education is carried out for first-year students at the Oshamambe Campus in Hokkaido.

Through actual experiences in the wilderness and living together with other students based in a dormitory system, the faculty is promoting the enrichment and improvement of broad, fundamental scholastic abilities based on fostering rich human qualities and holding basic classes for science and mathematics according to ability level. In the specialized program for students in their second and subsequent years, students acquire a foundation and the ability to apply technology from a perspective that is not limited by conventional thinking, in order to support new academic segments. In such a way, cultivating human resources who have learned the latest knowledge as well as a wide range of scientific fundamentals and producing people with international perspectives who are successful in fused and interdisciplinary areas are the educational targets of this faculty.

Message from the Dean

A Year-Long, All-Round Liberal Arts Education at the Oshamambe Campus, Hokkaido Produces High Results Even in Specialized Research

The main characteristic of the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology is the all-round liberal arts education at the Oshamambe Campus, Hokkaido for first-year students. Based on a dormitory system, where students share their lives with each other beyond class, and by promoting active interaction with local residents through various events, broad perspectives, flexible capacities for thinking and rich human qualities are nurtured. As there are many students who come back and visit after graduation, it is clear that the Oshamambe Campus, Hokkaido is a place full of memories during our students' years of youth. This education system is also regarded highly by society; it has been selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a Distinctive University Education Support Program (Good Practice [GP]), and as a Support Program for Contemporary Educational Needs (GP). Starting in their second year, students move to the Katsusika Campus, where cutting-edge, specialized education centering on areas related to life, information communications, environment and nanotechnology is expanded. When looking at GPAs, students in the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology demonstrate extremely high performance, proving that the motivation to learn, which was cultivated through all-round liberal arts education positively affects their specialized research as well.

KOGO Yasuo

Dean, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology