The 2nd TUS Management Strategy Research Seminar

The 2nd TUS Management Strategy Research Seminar will be held on Tuesday, February 27.

【Outline of the Seminar】

Uniqlo: Rethinking American Expansion
Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 17:00-18:00 (Registration starts at 16:30)
Room F302, 3F, Fujimi Campus, Tokyo University of Science (face-to-face only)
by 13:00 on the day of the event
Please, register from here
Registration required by 2/15 for those who wish to receive UNIQLO case materials.
Case materials will be distributed after 2/19 to those who wish to receive them.
If you do not have the case materials, there is no problem to attend the lecture.
Prof. Derek Lehmberg
Professor of Management and MBA Program Director at North Dakota State University


Uniqlo has been extraordinarily successful in growing and maintaining its business in Japan. Over time, it has also become a powerful international player in the apparel industry. At the root of Uniqlo's success lies a well-developed and carefully executed business strategy. Yet, despite Uniqlo's strengths, it has encountered many difficulties in building a viable business in the United States market. In this session, we will examine reasons for Uniqlo's success, consider challenges it faced in the US market, and examine what the company might have done differently. The discussion will be led by the author of the "Uniqlo: Rethinking American Expansion" case, which has been used in numerous business schools in several different countries.

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