Counsellor (Science & Technology Wing) from Embassy of India, Tokyo Visits TUS


On Monday, August 24, 2020, Dr. Usha Dixit, a counsellor (S&T) from the Embassy of India, Tokyo, visited the Tokyo University of Science.

The Embassy of India is actively making efforts to strengthen partnerships with Japan in the field of science and technology. Under support by the Indian and Japanese governments, a webinar featuring experts in the field of quantum technology from both countries (India-Japan Webinar on Quantum Technologies) was held in July, and on September 8, a similar webinar based on the theme of nanotechnology is planned on being held.

A meaningful exchange of opinions on the possibility of future exchange of researchers was held with Kazuo Watanabe, the Director of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization.

Based on this visit, there are expectations for development of exchange of researchers.

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