Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova to Japan Visits TUS


On the afternoon of November 22, 2019, Ambassador Vasile Bumacov from the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Japan paid a courtesy visit to Tokyo University of Science (TUS) President Yoichiro Matsumoto.
Also in attendance were Vice President Soichiro Okamura (Director of the Organization for Advancement of Internationalization), Professor Kazuo Watanabe (Director of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization), and Professor Shizutoshi Ando (Faculty of Engineering Division II Department of Electrical Engineering).
After providing the ambassador with an introduction to the university, the group spent the rest of the time engaged in friendly and relaxed opinion exchange.
Ambassador Bumacov has a long and impressive resume in academic instruction, and he has also served as the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova, a topic which led to discussion of Moldovan wines.

At TUS, Professor Ando has been at the center of various efforts to foster academic engagement with Moldova, including the signing of an academic exchange memorandum of understanding with the Technical University of Moldova and the promotion of joint research and various other academic exchange initiatives.

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