TUS is moving ahead with the internationalization of students, teaching and administrative staff by implementing new measures with the objective of transforming TUS to "A university acknowledged by the world".

Message from the Director

Developing Global Human Resources to Lead Society

In 2020, Tokyo University of Science redefined the “ability to pioneer the future” for the coming era, in order to continue to be a university that produces engineers, researchers, and teachers who can adapt to changes even in the rapidly changing times of the future. One of these is the ability to actively interact with and co-create across disciplinary barriers with diverse people in a global, highly specialized society.

The Organization for Advancement of Internationalization promotes the development of programs that contribute to students' ability to interact and co-create with diverse people. Specifically, we will create more opportunities for English presentations by utilizing cooperation agreements with overseas universities and online study programs. In addition, by developing and expanding the overseas researcher system, which allows faculty members to stay and conduct research at overseas research institutions for long periods of time, as an initiative to contribute to the globalization of faculty, we will actively support researchers in accessing networks around the world. By focusing on these two measures, we believe it will be possible to develop human resources who can lead society and play an active role globally.

On the other hand, the internationalization of TUS, with its many faces, cannot be accomplished overnight, nor can it be accomplished solely by the Organization. We will promote the internationalization of Tokyo University of Science by utilizing the traditions and strengths of our university through collaboration with other institutions in the university and also with external institutions.

We humbly request your warm support.

SAKATA Hideaki

Director of the Organization for
Advancement of Internationalization

Organization Chart

Planning and Operations
Tokyo University of Science
Organization for Advancement of Internationalization

The following topics mentioned shall be discussed.

  • 1. Items in regard to the direction of internationalization of our school
  • 2. Items in regard to the examination and evaluation of the policies toward internationalization that will be implemented by the Center
  • 3. Any other items deemed necessary by the committee
Center for Promotion of Internationalization

Conduct the planning and implementation of proposals to internationalize Tokyo University of Science as well as contribute to the internationalization of our education and research.

The following duties must be performed.

  • 1. Operations in regard to the center.
  • 2. Definitive planning and proposals for the internationalization policies.
  • 3. Settlement of accounts for the budget of the center.
  • 4. Any other topics in regards to international exchange.
International Affairs Section

Administration of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization and the Organization for Advancement of Internationalization will be managed by the International Affairs Section.

List of Overseas Hubs

As of February, 2024, TUS has concluded partner agreements with 80 universities and 2 instutions in 31 countries and regions.

International Lounge

In line with the concept, "the first step to a global outlook", the purpose of this facility is to offer a place to share diverse opinions and motivate students to communicate with foreigners.
Regular events and seminars help to brush up English communication skills both online and face to face. Make sure to stop by at this place where you can have English conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.

Campus Location Object
Kagurazaka Campus Building No.3, 6th Floor University Students
Noda Campus Lecture Hall Building, K208 Classroom University Students
Katsushika Campus Lecture Building, 2nd Floor University Students
  • Kagurazaka Campus
    International Lounge
  • Noda Campus
    International Lounge
  • Katsushika Campus
    International Lounge

Contact Us

International Affairs Section, Tokyo University of Science
Kagurazaka Campus

1-3 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8601
Tel : +81-3-5228-8726
Fax: +81-3-5228-8727

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