TUS students can enhance their learning experience and global competency by participating in the offered exchanges and study abroad programs.

Double Master Degree Programs

The program entails having students currently under the master's degree curriculum at TUS study for a specified period of time at an academic affiliate university so that they may receive a master's degree from the foreign affiliate in addition to their TUS master's.

National Chiao Tung University Taiwan 9 Months Master's Degree Program
(Department of Industrial Administration, Graduate School of Science and Technology)
Taipei Medical University Taiwan 12 Months Master's Degree Program (Department of Materials Science and Technology, Graduate School of Industrial Science and Technology)
By studying at a partner school overseas for a given period of time while enrolled in a master degree program at a TUS Graduate School, and fulfilling the necessary requirements for both schools, it is possible to obtain a master’s degree from both TUS and the partner school.

Exchange Programs with Overseas Partner Universities

If you wish to visit TUS as an exchange student from overseas partner universities, please take the following steps.

Firstly, approach the international office of your home university. The director of your international office should nominate you and write an email on your behalf to the Director of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization at TUS (intlexchg(at sign)admin.tus.ac.jp)

The letter should contain the following information:

  • Name of student

  • Affiliation of student

  • Duration of visit (Exact dates of exchange trip)

  • Supervisor in home university

  • Host supervisor at TUS

Futhermore, the following supporting documents should be attached to the letter:

  • A photocopy of the student's passport

  • Student's CV / Resume

  • Research plan

  • Official transcript or Enrollment certificate

  • Letter of recommendation (if applicable)

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