Welcome Party Held in English Lounges on Three Campuses

Between April 18th and 20th, 2018, welcome parties were held at the Kagurazaka, Katsushika and Noda Campus English lounges following their reopening at the start of the new semester.

More than 80 students across the three campuses attended the welcome parties, which were held with the aim of creating opportunities for students to take advantage of the lounges. Students enjoyed lights refreshments while chatting in English and playing a variety of fun games with the native English-speaking Junior Associate Professors who will be in residence in the lounges during the semester. A great time was had by all over the course of what felt like a very short hour.

"Although I was nervous about speaking in English, I had a lot of fun." "I enjoyed getting to talk to people from different departments and in different years." "A lot more people than I expected were there trying out their English. I'd enjoy visiting the English lounge regularly to improve my English." These comments and many more show that participants had an enjoyable and fulfilling time.

The English lounges are available free of charge to all TUS students wanting to learn and enjoy English.

(More information can be found at only).) Hopefully, through exposure to these English lounges and events such as these welcome parties, a great many students will develop greater familiarity for language studies and foreign cultures.

Katsushika Campus
Kagurazaka Campus

Noda Campus
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