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Representative from Asia Pacific University (Malaysia) Visits the Tokyo University of Science

2018.02.28 Wednesday


On February 27, 2018, Assistant Manager Stephany Loh from the Asia Pacific University (APU) in Malaysia visited the Tokyo University of Science. APU is one of the schools to which students are dispatched under the short-term language program implemented by the TUS' Center for Promotion of Internationalization, and this spring marks the first time that students are dispatched to APU.

After reporting on the status of the students currently being dispatched, meaningful exchanges of opinions were made between Ms. Loh and Director Shinotsuka of the Center for Promotion of Internationalization, among others, regarding how to activate academic exchanges between the two universities.
In the future, there are expectations for academic exchanges to be promoted in various forms, and not only in the form of short-term language programs.