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TUS Alumni Association Establishes Vietnam Chapter

2017.12.22 Friday


A Vietnam chapter of the Tokyo University of Science (TUS) Alumni Association has been established in order to focus on TUS alumni living in Vietnam. This is the sixth overseas Asian chapter of the TUS Alumni Association.

The inaugural general meeting was held on December 3 (Sunday) at Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam.
A dynamic energy characterized this launch event which was attended by more than 40 people, including TUS Chairman Motoyama, TUS Alumni Association Director Ishigami and members of the TUS Alumni Association main chapter as well as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand chapters. The close interconnection of the Asian network was truly palpable.

During the inaugural general meeting a variety of basic business was carried out, including enactment of the chapter rules, election of Tadaaki Koyama as Chair, and election of other administrative officers. At the briefing session held later, Chairman Motoyama spoke on behalf of TUS about the current status and direction of the university, while TUS Alumni Association Director Ishigami discussed the status of the Association.

Following self-introductions by alumni living in Vietnam, Professor Ohjima of the Tokyo University of Science, Suwa, which has an exchange relationship with the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, addressed the attendees, and then the session closed with speeches from Vietnamese students.
Afterwards the attendees changed venue for the reception, which former Alumni Association Director Yamada kicked off with a toast. Each of the Asian chapter representatives offered speeches of encouragement, contributing to a celebratory atmosphere. The event came to a close with a group rendition of the TUS school song and a final toast by Alumni Association Auditor Fujii. Additionally, the TUS Alumni Association heaped praise on former TUS administrative staff Ayako Shibata, whose tireless efforts were indispensable to the establishment of the Vietnam chapter.

Group Photo
Officers of the TUS Alumni Association Vietnam Chapter

Singing the TUS school song