Katsushika ES Students Invited to TUS for an Exchange with Foreign Students and Campus Tour

On Saturday, October 28, at the Katsushika Campus of the Tokyo University of Science, 22 elementary school students from Katsushika Ward were invited, and Together with Foreign Students! Tokyo University of Science Campus Tour was held, in which the students were able to tour the Katsushika Campus while interacting with foreign students. After last year, this marks the second continuous year in which this event was held.

The tour was made up of two parts--one during which the students interacted with foreign students, and another in which they toured the university facilities at the Katsushika Campus.

During interactions with foreign students, those from Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and Malaysia introduced the culture and characteristics of their home countries, and the elementary school students happily and actively interacted with the foreign students.

As part of the tour of university facilities, the elementary school students toured the Katsushika Campus Library, participated in power generation experiments using piezoelectric elements at the Okamura/Nakajima Lab in the Department of Applied Physics, Faculty of Science Division 1, and also tried on muscle suits at the Kobayashi Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. The students relished the fun in science.

After the tour, the elementary school students shared the following sentiments.
"I am now interested in foreign countries."
"The science experiments were really fun!
"I am amazed at university students, who study so hard."
"I want to study at TUS."

Foreign students introducing their home countries 1

Foreign students introducing their home countries 2

Foreign student interacting with elementary school students

Power generation experiment using piezoelectric elements

Elementary school students listening to an explanation on muscle suits

Trying on a muscle suit
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