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Lecture Presentation by MIT Professor Michael Cusumano and TUS Professor Robert Feldman
-Towards Successful Entrepreneurship and Innovation-

2017.10.12 Thursday


On Wednesday, October 11, 2017 in the Fujimi Building (School of Management) of the Tokyo University of Science, Professor Michael Cusumano and Professor Robert Feldman delivered a lecture presentation on the topic of innovation which was sponsored by the MIT Association of Japan, the MIT Sloan Society of Japan, the MIT Venture Forum of Japan and the Tokyo University of Science.

With the subject of innovation currently being a pressing issue for all of Japan, the aim of the event was to engage participants in discussing key ideas and approaches for successful entrepreneurship and innovation. Including MIT alumni and other university-related attendees, a total of 200 people took part in the event, which included questions and answers and vigorous, free discussion.

This lecture presentation was held as part of the activities being undertaken by the TOKYO Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center (TEIC), which was established in December of last year with the aim of cultivating entrepreneurs as a key element in the creation of ecosystems which encourage entrepreneurship, both within the university and outside of it, as well as part of the EDGE-NEXT Program adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology. At the event, Professor Cusumano also talked about the Tokyo University of Science Business School (Management of New Technology major), which will open next year and which Professor Cusumano will help in overseeing, as a means of addressing the human resources aspects of open innovation and entrepreneurship.

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