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Overseas Career Seminar (2nd Round) Held with Cooperation by TUS Alumnus

2017.07.19 Wednesday


On Thursday, July 13, 2017, Shuichiro Takeda, who is an alumnus of the Tokyo University of Science and who is currently an associate professor at the University of Missouri, was invited to Kagurazaka Campus and held an overseas career seminar (2nd round).

At the seminar, comprehensive explanations were provided within a limited amount of time, with topics ranging from general ones, such as the differences in the university systems between the US and Japan and how to establish a career path as a researcher, to Professor Takeda's own experiences and secrets on how to learn English.

In a questionnaire given to participating students, comments received included those such as "I am glad to have learned how to build a career as a mathematician," "I was impressed to learn about the idea that differences between arts and science is strictly institutional, and should primarily be eliminated academically," and "This seminar was extremely helpful in thinking about studying abroad in the future.

Following the previous overseas career seminar, this seminar also served as a good opportunity for students to consider an international career.