Connecting Disparate Departments and Fields with the Launch of "Cross-disciplinary Courses"

Starting April 2017, the Graduate School of Science and Technology launched its "Cross-disciplinary Courses." This initiative reflects the reality of a new era where research results are increasingly the product of a fusion between a variety of different fields.
Six courses spanning 10 science and engineering departments in the Graduate School of Science and Technology have been established to focus on key, contemporary topics of interest. Each department's laboratories will be involved in the running of course seminars and projects. Also, collaboration with outside companies will be incorporated as part of a range of planned course development to be implemented.
Just prior to the launch of the "Cross-disciplinary Courses," a group of more than 50 participant instructors from each department gathered in late March to introduce and discuss the different courses. Later, in early April, a guidance session was also provided for those interested in joining the courses, and it was attended by more than 250 students.

Cross-disciplinary Courses homepage:

Faculty of Science and Technology homepage:

Cross-disciplinary Courses individual course homepages:
Interdisciplinary Medical Science and Technology Course:
Energy and Environmental Systems Course:
Interdisciplinary Agricultural Science and Technology Course:
Value and Systems Innovation Course:
Disaster Prevention and Risk Management Course:
Space Science and Technology Course:



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