MOLECULAR FRONTIERS SYMPOSIUM 2016 Held (Report on Symposium Held on 10/9 and 10/10)

On October 9 (Sunday) and October 10 (Monday/holiday), the "Molecular Frontiers Symposium 2016" was held on the Kagurazaka Campus.

This Symposium, which invites prominent scientists from around the world, including Nobel Prize winners, and holds lectures related to cutting-edge molecular science for high school students, was held in Japan for the first time.

Lectures, panel discussions, etc. were all held in English, with lectures being held over the two-day period from prominent scientists including the Japanese Nobel Prize winners Hiroshi Amano (2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics) and Ryoji Noyori (2001 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry), as well as the foreign Nobel Prize Winner Ada Yonath (2009 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry).

Among the high school students who participated from across Japan, there were opinions such as "This was an extremely great opportunity for thinking about the future" and "[This symposium] was stimulating because we were able to have exchanges with high school students of the same generation from other prefectures"; it appears as though they were able to experience science of the world's top level.

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