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On April, the English Lounge (EL) on Kagurazaka campus opened. The Lounge is an innovative project offering TUS students a unique space where they can focus on English. Visitors to the EL can watch English programs on TV, access a wide variety of English books and manga, practice English conversation, and meet other students. The room is comfortable and visitors can relax, or use the tables and chairs for more concentrated study. Students can also consult with the EL`s native-English staff member, Ms. Gillian Hudson, who is there to help students individually with advice, support, and English language practice. A former international exchange student herself, and ESL teacher, Ms. Hudson has both the experience and skills needed to assist students in their English learning adventures. The EL will also be running various events and one-stop study sessions over the next few months; so be sure to check out the EL events calendar regularly to keep up-to-date with developments.

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Location 4th Floor, Building No.1, Kagurazaka Campus
General Opening Times Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
EL Native-English Staff Hours 9am-5pm Wednesdays (sometimes other days)

<2016 Spring Schedule>


Wednesday 13th


Tuesday 10th


Wednesday 1st

Wednesday 20th

Tuesday 17th

Friday 10th

Wednesday 27th

Wednesday 25th

Wednesday 15th

Wednesday 22nd

Wednesday 29th

English Lounge Kagurazaka Staff

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