A new scholarship system for all doctoral students from the 2016 academic year

Doctoral Students Economic Support System

We are pleased to introduce a new scholarship system which alleviates the burden of tuition fees for all doctoral students starting from the 2016 academic year.

Doctoral Program Scholarship

For the academic year beginning in April 2016, we will offer the scholarship to both new students and existing students (within a standard term of study) to waive the cost of their tuition fees.

Target persons All students enrolled on doctoral courses at the Tokyo University of Science.
Acceptance Conditions 1. A student with good personal qualities and excellent academic performance
2. A student who can obtain the recommendation of their research supervisor
NOTE To continue the scholarship in subsequent academic years, students will be reviewed at the end of each year. Students must demonstrate that they continue to meet the acceptance conditions in order to extend the scholarship.

Exemption of Entrance Fee and Facilities Equipment Costs

Doctoral Program Scholarship students will still need to pay the entrance fee and facilities and equipment costs for the first year of study.
However,such Graduate Students from TUS do not need to pay the entrance fee and facilities and equipment costs.

Graduates from other universities will become exempt from the facilities and equipment costs only from the second year of study.

Acceptance conditions The student must comply with the terms and conditions of the Doctoral Program Scholarship.

Please consult the application guidelines which will be issued in the middle of December 2015 for more information.

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