MIT-REAP Tokyo Team Holds First General Meeting

MIT-REAP refers to the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program that was created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Over a two-year period, eight teams around the world (Bangkok, Thailand; Tokyo, Japan; Beijing, China; South West, Norway; Santiago, Chile; Ashdod, Israel; Al Madinah, Saudi Arabia; and Wales, UK) aim to realize a mechanism for expanding employment and developing the economy in their respective countries by encouraging the foundation of businesses based on research results, and they are in competition with each other for results.

The Tokyo University of Science has welcomed Keisuke Sasaki and Yoshiaki Ishii of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as representatives from the government; Hideki Kurashige, who is the Representative Director, Chairman and President of SIGMAXYZ Inc. as an entrepreneurial representative; Jun Tsukasa, who is the CEO of Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko Ltd. as a risk capital representative; and Tatsuya Tanaka, who is President of Fujitsu Limited, as a corporate representative. In addition, as members of the University, the Tokyo Team is also made up of Professor Michael Cusumano from MIT, who is planned on being appointed as vice president of the Tokyo University of Science starting the next AY, Vice President Chiaki Mukai, and Professor Seiichiro Hangai of the Faculty of Engineering Division I, Department of Electrical Engineering.

With regard to participation in this project, support is being received by the Fish Family Foundation in the United States, Fujitsu Ltd., SIGMAXYZ Inc., and Nippon Sangyo Suishin Kiko Ltd. (titles omitted; no particular order).

At the first meeting that was held today, opinions regarding methods to increase the number of entrepreneurs from Japan were discussed, based on the current state and issues from respective standpoints, and active exchanges of opinions were made.

As our university's strengths are science and technology, we will focus on fusion with management through the reorganization of the School of Management next year and aim to produce global human resources. How will our university's strengths change through MIT-REAP, and energize Japan? That is something to look forward to!

For inquiries regarding the MIT-REAP Tokyo Team
qa.mitreap-ml(at mark)

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