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Research Institute on "artificial tooth regeneration" by TUS staff showcased in "Nature Methods" online magazine and elsewhere

Research Institute on "artificial tooth regeneration" by a group fronted by Takashi Tsuji (Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Science and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology, TUS) has been showcased in the online version of the UK science journal "Nature Methods", as well as in leading Japanese newspapers.

In their research, Tsuji and his colleagues have developed new cell manipulation technology whereby organ germs are artificially recombined from single cells. This technology has potential for application to artificial "tooth regeneration" and "hair regeneration".

In transplantation experiments using the tooth as a model, tooth germs that form the basic building blocks of teeth were extracted from a mouse embryo and cultured. When these were transplanted into an adult mouse, "regenerated teeth" grew as if they were normal teeth.

This research outcome is expected to substantially advance the development of "organ replacement regenerative therapies", which have potential as next-generation regenerative therapies for replacing diseased or damaged organs with artificially engineered organs. Moreover, development is expected to evolve beyond "tooth regeneration" and "hair regeneration" to include a wide range of organ regeneration technology for liver, kidneys and other organs.

Press Release (see attached file)

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