The Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM2019)にてセンターメンバーが研究発表

日 時 :2019年12月17日-20日
場 所 :Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
■Improvement of Icing Model of Water Film to Reproduce Glaze Icing with E-MPS Method
T.Takahashi, K.Fukudome and M.Yamamoto
■Numerical Investigation of Deposition Phenomena on High-pressure Turbine Vane
K.Mizutori, K.Fukudome, M.Yamamoto and M.Suzuki
■Numerical Simulation of Aerodynamic Performance Deterioration by Erosion for Leaned Turbine Vane
N.Arai, K.Fukudome, M.Yamamoto and M.Suzuki
■Emergence of Dissimilarity between Heat and Momentum Transports for Turbulent Stripes in Transitional Plane Couette Flow
K.Fukudome, T.Tsukahara and M.Yamamoto
■Numerical Simulation of Deposition Phenomenon on Non-Adiabatic Substrate Using E-MPS Method
Y.Muto, K.Fukudome and M.Yamamoto
■Influence of Phase Difference of Oscillating Walls on Skin-Friction Drag Reduction in Turbulent Channel Flow
T.Harada, K.Fukudome, H.Mamori and M.Yamamoto
 The Asian Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics (APCOM)