Overview of Research

Overview of Research

Roles of the Center

Build a place for co-creation for solving social issues by forming a virtuous cycle between earth and space



  1. Under the vision of “accelerating humanity’s advance into space through dual development in space and on earth,” we will form a place for co-creation that brings together diverse technologies and human resources.
  2. Technologies required in the completely closed environment of space are heading in the same direction as sustainable development on earth, and therefore implementation on earth will contribute to their advance.
  3. By comprehensively working on everything from basic research to ways of traveling into space, we will realize everything from research to demonstration.
  4. By achieving demonstrations and practical use in space, we will develop a new “space” market.
  5. 5. By creating a place for education based on the “real” linked with actual space development, we will establish an unparalleled system as an educational institution.


Formation of a place for cross-disciplinary co-creation to accelerate humanity’s advance into space

Research at the Research Center for Space System Innovation will also solve problems on earth.