The Department of Pharmacoscience cultivates well-rounded, highly ethical graduates who have a deep understanding of pharmaceutical science, from basic to specialized knowledge, as well as education in a diverse range of related areas, like drug discovery, with the goal of producing researchers, technical experts and others capable of solving problems in ways that meet the diverse needs of society. In addition to Drug Discovery Science and Pharmaceutical Life Sciences, another key major in the Department of Pharmacoscience is Medicinal Science, which focuses on such topics as drug toxicity and environmental impact.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Drug Discovery Science AOKI Shin Professor Bio-related chemistry,
Chemical pharmacy
UCHIRO Hiromi Professor Chemical pharmaceutical science,
Drug development chemistry
GOTO Satoru Professor Physical pharmaceutical science
MAKINO Kimiko Professor Physical pharmaceutical science
YAMASHITA Chikamasa Professor Physical pharmaceutical science
WADA Takeshi Professor Chemical pharmaceutical science
YOKOYAMA Hideshi Associate Professor Physical Biochemistry
HIGASHI Kyohei Junior Associate Professor Physical pharmaceutical science
MORI-YASUMOTO Kanami Junior Associate Professor Natural products chemistry
Pharmaceutical Life Sciences AKIMOTO Kazunori Professor Cancer science
UCHIUMI Fumiaki Professor Biological system pharmaceutical
HAYAKAWA Yoichi Professor Drug development chemistry
Higami Yoshikazu Professor Environmental physiology
(includes sports medecine/nutritional physiology)
MIYAZAKI Satoru Professor Applied genome Science
HAYATA Tadayoshi Associate Professor Developmental biology Orthopaedic surgery Functional basic dentistry
SATO Akira Junior Associate Professor Biological system pharmaceutical
HARADA Yohsuke Associate Professor Cellular and molecular immunology
Medicinal Science HORIGUCHI Itsuko Professor Public health
SHIMADA Shuji Associate Professor Clinical pharmaceutical science
SUZUKI Tatsunori Associate Professor Sports science