The objectives of human resource cultivation in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are as follows:

  • Cultivate human resources who have acquired knowledge and research approaches required for researchers or engineers involved in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the ability to voluntarily formulate a research agenda and solve it.
  • Cultivate human resources who have acquired knowledge and skills in the proper use of pharmaceutical products, as well as leadership and problem-solving skills that enable them to be active in the clinical field.
  • Cultivate human resources who have acquired a wide range of highly specialized knowledge and the practical ability required to take appropriate actions in a medical setting, as well as the skills to conduct education and training in these areas.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Drug Discovery Science TAKAHASHI Hideyo Professor Medicinal Chemistry
HADA Noriyasu Professor Chemical pharmaceutical science
HIGASHI Tatsuya Professor Physical pharmaceutical science
Pharmaceutical Life Sciences ISOHAMA Yoichiro Professor Biological system pharmaceutical
ICHIHARA Gaku Professor Hygiene and public health
KAJI Toshiyuki Professor Environmental pharmaceutical science
SAITOH Akiyoshi Professor Neuropsychopharmacological science
SHIKANO Mayumi Professor Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Science
NISHIKAWA Makiya Professor Biopharmaceutics
NOGUCHI Kohji Professor Molecular target therapy
TSUKIMOTO Mitsutoshi Professor Biological system pharmaceutical
Medicinal Science AOYAMA Takao Professor Clinical pharmaceutical science
HANAWA Takehisa Professor Clinical pharmaceutical science
TAKASAWA Ryoko Associate Professor Medical molecular biology
NEGISHI Kenichi Associate Professor Clinical pharmaceutical science
YOSHIZAWA Kazumi Associate Professor Biological system pharmaceutical
MANO Yasunari Associate Professor Clinical pharmaceutical science
SATO Tsugumichi Associate Professor Pharmaceutical informatics