The primary aim of this center is to provide platforms for integrating and analyzing data from fields such as Basic Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences and Management as well as to promote advanced education and research in the field of data science.

Message from the Director

In recent years, the fourth industrial revolution based on AI, Big Data and IoT has changed society dramatically. In this context, data science is attracting attention as an interdisciplinary science for extracting and utilizing valuable information from big data. The training of data scientists with advanced technology expertise is an urgent issue. In response to these social needs, Tokyo University of Science has established a Center for Data Science. By leveraging the strengths of this university, which has Faculties of Science, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Science and Technology, Advanced Engineering, and School of Management, we will improve education and research in the field of data science and promote joint research and social contributions by providing platforms that integrate research in their respective specialized areas with data.

YABE Hiroshi

Director, Center for Data Science
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