Message from the President

Since the founding of Tokyo University of Science in 1881, science and technology have advanced at a dizzying pace. Global issues such as environment and energy challenges have emerged as crucial issues.
Today our founding principle of advancing science and technology in harmony with nature is more relevant than ever. Rooted in a strong sense of ethics, scientists and engineers at TUS strive to solve global challenges and make the world a better place through science. The undergraduate program fosters students with a solid foundation in specific disciplines for future development and success. Graduate school students hone their skills in an interdisciplinary environment.
In particular, in the advanced stages of their studies, students can conduct research at the frontiers of their disciplines, interacting with accomplished professors, scholars and scientists. Research and education go hand in hand. At TUS, we work to tackle important problems that often require multidisciplinary scientific knowledge. At TUS, we take great pride in our broad purview and illustrious history, remaining fully committed to our mission of education and research to improve the world through science and technology.

History of TUS Presidents

  1. Hisashi Terao

    First President of the Tokyo Academy of Physics
  2. Kotaro Honda

    Metal Physics
    First President of the Tokyo University of Science
  3. Masaichi Majima

    Applied Physics
  4. Seishi Kikuchi

    Atomic Physics
  5. Masao Kotani

    Theoretical Physics
  6. Masao Yoshiki

    Marine Engineering
  7. Tetsuji Nishikawa

    High Energy Physics
  8. Hiroyuki Okamura

    Material Strength and Fracture Mechanics
  9. Shin Takeuchi

    Physical Metallurgy
  10. Akira Fujishima

    Photoelectrochemistry, Advanced Materials
  11. Yoichiro Matsumoto

    Fluid Engineering