The Department of Information Sciences cultivates human resources who have learned advanced, specialized knowledge that emphasizes the fundamentals in the 3 mutually related fields of and computer science, and who can contribute to the development of information science from a wide perspective.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Computer Mathematics AKASHI Shigeo Professor Nonlinear Analysis
Language Processing TAKIMOTO Munehiro Professor Code Optimization
Discrete Mathematics MIYAMOTO Nobuko Professor Combinatorial Design
Artificial Intelligence KATSURADA Kouichi Professor Artifical Intelligence
Bioinfomatics SATO Keiko Associate Professor Information Theoretical Approach to Life Phenomena
Applied probability and statistics theory TAHATA Kouji Professor Advanced Categorical Data Analysis
Theory of Computation IRIYAMA Satoshi Associate Professor Algorithm Theory
Mathematical Analysis NOGUCHI Kenta Associate Professor Graph Theory
Network Science MATSUZAWA Tomofumi Associate Professor Computer network
Intelligent informatics
Music Information Science OHMURA Hidefumi Junior Associate Professor Computational Music Theory
Biostatistics ANDO Shuji Junior Associate Professor Causal inference in statistics
Multivariate analysis IWASHITA Toshiya Professor Distribution theory
ISHII Aki Junior Associate Professor High-dimensional statistics
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