The Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry emphasizes the development of energy and advanced materials, including biologically-related materials, and aims to develop science based on environmental harmony. By creating, using and recycling chemical substances, harmonization between science and nature is realized. The department cultivates human resources who can be autonomous as cutting-edge researchers and engineers.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Advanced Analytical Chemistry ITAGAKI Masayuki Professor Electroanalytical Chemistry
SHITANDA Isao Associate Professor Electroanalytical Chemistry
NOJIMA Masashi Junior Associate Professor Surface Analytical Chemistry
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry IDEMOTO Yasushi Professor Solid Chemistry
FUJIMOTO Kenjiro Professor Inorganic Material Chemistry
NISHIHARA Hiroshi Professor Coordination Chemistry, Electrochemistry
TAKEUCHI Ken Professor Solid Chemistry
KITAMURA Naoto Associate Professor Solid Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry ARIMITSU Koji Professor Organic Material Chemistry
GUNJI Takahiro Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry
KONDO Takeshi Professor Electrochemistry
SAKAI Norio Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry
SHIONOYA Mitsuhiko Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry
NAKAYAMA Yasuo Associate Professor Organic Material Chemistry
YAMAMOTO Kazuki Junior Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Advanced Physical Chemistry SAKAI Hideki Professor Applied Surface Chemistry
SAKAI Kenichi Professor Colloid and interface Chemitry
TERASHIMA Chiaki Professor Plasma Chemistry, Photoelectrochemistry
(Visiting Faculty Members and Research Fields Based on the Joint Graduate School System)
Advanced Analytical Chemistry KATAYAMA Hideki Visiting Professor Electroanalytical Chemistry
ITAGAKI Masayuki Professor*
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry SUZUKI Taku Visiting Professor Inorganic Material Chemistry
FUJIMOTO Kenjiro Professor
KOHARA Shinji Visiting Professor Chemistry of Non-Crystalline Solids
KITAMURA Naoto Associate Professor
Advanced Organic Chemistry AKIYAMA Haruhisa Visiting Professor Polymer Chemistry
ARIMITSU Koji Professor*
SAYAMA Kazuhiro Visiting Professor Chemistry of Catalysis
GUNJI Takahiro Professor*
SHIMADA Shigeru Visiting Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry
SAKAI Norio Professor*
HOSOKAI Takuya Visiting Professor Laser Spectroscopy
NAKAYAMA Yasuo Associate Professor*
Advanced Physical Chemistry ARIGA Katsuhiko Visiting Professor Supramolecular Chemistry
SAKAI Hideki Professor*
(Main Research Advisors/Deputy Advisors and Research Fields Based on the Faculty's Minor System)
Complex Fields of Pure and Applied Chemistry ITAGAKI Masayuki Professor Development of methods for advanced analysis using statistical processing
SUZUKI Tomomichi Professor* (Department of Industrial and System Engineering)
(Note) * indicates deputy advisors.
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