The aim of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to cultivate human resources who have learned advanced knowledge and research methods sought after in researchers and engineers involved in mechanical engineering, and who have the ability to discover and resolve research topics on their own.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Material Mechanics ARAI Masayuki Professor Machine material/material mechanics (Solid Mechanics, Damage Mechanics, Interface Mechanics)
USHIJIMA Kuniharu Professor Computational Mechanics
INOUE Ryo Associate Professer Composite Materials, Experimental Mechanics
Fluid Engineering and Thermal Engineering ISHIKAWA Hitoshi Professor Fluid Engineering
YAMAMOTO Makoto Professor Computational Fluid Engineering
GOTODA Hiroshi Professor Thermal Engineering, Nonlinear Dynamics
MOTOSUKE Masahiro Professor Thermofluid Engineering
Mechanical Dynamics and Automatic Control KOBAYASHI Hiroshi Professor Intelligent Machines
HAYASHI Ryuzo Associate Professor Machine mechanics/control (Vibration Control, Motion Control, Transport System Control, Vehicle Dynamics)
Intelligent mechanics/mechanical system (Mechatronics, Human-Machine System, Active Safety System)
HASHIMOTO Takuya Associate Professor Intelligent Machines, Mechanical System
Mechanical Design Engineering SASAKI Shinya Professor Tribology
MIYATAKE Masaaki Associate Professor Design engineering, machine functional elements/tribology
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