The aim of the Department of Architecture is to cultivate human resources who have acquired the learning and techniques sought after in researchers, engineers and designers engaged in architecture, and who possess research abilities to establish and solve problems on their own as well as the ability to resolve issues in practical fields from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Architectural Planning ITO Hirohisa Professor Architectural History
GOTA Momoyo Professor Architectural Planning, City Planning
SAKAUSHI Taku Professor Architectural Design
KAYANOKI Madoka Associate Professor History of Modern Architecture,
History of Urban Disaster Prevention
KUMAGAI Ryohei Associate Professor Building Construction Planning
Building Environment KURABUCHI Takashi Professor Building Air Environments, Ventilation Systems
NAGAI Tatsuo Professor Building Thermal Environments, Ventilation Systems
Architectural Structures IMAMOTO Kei-ichi Professor Architectural Materials
KURITA Satoshi Professor Earthquake-Proof Structures,
Structural Dynamics of Buildings
TAKAHASHI Osamu Professor Building construction/material
ITO Takumi Professor Steel Structures, Performance Design Methods
Architectural Mathematics YAMAKAWA Makoto Professor