The Department of Applied Biological Science is ahead of the rest of the country in integrating fields that cross over the various sectors of biological science, and cultivates human resources who have learned biological science for clarifying life phenomena over various levels, from microorganisms to higher organisms, as well as applied techniques that serve as the foundation for this biological science.

Research Groups & Research Areas

  • Area of Cellular Biology

    Cells are the basic units of all living beings. In this key area of the post-genome age, we comprehensively deal with the structure, substances and functions of cells, trying to understand the characteristics of living organisms - including proliferation, movements, biological defense, or information processing - from the perspective of cells.

    Hagiwara Research Group / Kuchitsu Research Group / Maezawa Research Group / Nakamura Research Group / Nishihama Research Group / Sadaie Research Group / Wada Research Group

  • Area of Molecular Biology

    In this area, we try to explain the structure, functions, and workings of all living organisms, both animals and plants, by clarifying the structure, function and interaction of the molecules of which they consist, including genes and proteins.

    Furuya Research Group / Hagiwara Research Group / Kamakura Research Group / Kuchitsu Research Group / Nishihama Research Group / Masaike Research Group / Sadaie Research Group / Wada Research Group

  • Area of Biochemistry

    Living organisms are made of a huge number of chemical molecules, and the workings of life are based on a variety of chemical reactions. That is, life phenomena are substantially chemistry, and biochemistry is the area which tries to describe this in the language of chemistry.

    Kuchitsu Research Group / Hagiwara Research Group / Kuramochi Research Group / Nakajima Research Group / Nishihama Research Group / Masaike Research Group / Nakamura Research Group

  • Area of Bioorganic Chemistry

    This field tries to understand life phenomena by linking organic chemistry with biochemistry, on which these phenomena are based. This understanding is very important for students of the life science field.

    Furuya Research Group / Kuramochi Research Group

  • Area of Biophysics

    In this field, we do not describe organic phenomena just as they are observed or measured, but uncover general regularities or principles behind these phenomena.

    Masaike Research Group

  • Field of Environmental Bioscience

    The environment has affected the growth of living organisms, the living organisms have created another environment, and the other environment has caused an evolution into living organisms adapted to this new environment. In this area, we understand life phenomena and global environmental problems through the interactions between the environment and living organisms.

    Furuya Research Group / Kamakura Research Group / Kuchitsu Research Group / Nishihama Research Group /

List of Faculty Members

Name Title Research Area Keyword
KAMAKURA Takashi Professor Molecular biology
Applied microbiology

Molecular biology of fungi and bacteria
KUCHITSU Kazuyuki Professor Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology signal transduction, plant immunity, environmental response, membrane, cell death
KURAMOCHI Kouji Professor Bioorganic chemistry organic chemistry, chemical biology, chemistry of natural products
NISHIHAMA Ryuichi Professor Plant molecular biology/Plant physiology
WADA Naoyuki Professor Developmental biology limb development, craniofacial development, cell recognition
FURUYA Toshiki Associate Professor Applied biochemistry Microbial Metabolism, Enzyme Catalysis, Bioproduction, Bioremediation, Endophyte
HAGIWARA Akari Associate Professor Neurophysiology/General neuroscience Brain function, Neural network, Synapse, Electron microscopy
MAEZAWA So Associate Professor System genome science
Molecular biology
Genetics/Chromosome dynamics
Integrative animal science
Molecular Biology
Reproductive Science
MASAIKE Tomoko Associate Professor Molecular biology Mechanisms of biological units revealed by spatio-temporal measurements
NAKAJIMA Masahiro Associate Professor Applied biochemistry Enzyme, Carbohydrate, X-ray crystallography
NAKAMURA Yoshikazu Associate Professor Biological pharmacy
SADAIE Mahito Associate Professor Molecular biology Telomeres, Cancer, Senescence, Chromatin
ARAZOE Takayuki Junior Associate Professor
SAKAMOTO Takuya Junior Associate Professor
FURUYAMA Yuuki Assistant Professor Bioorganic chemistry Microbiology, Natural products chemistry, Chemical biology
HASHIMOTO Kenji Assistant Professor
KANEMARU Kaori Assistant Professor Cell biology
SAKASHITA Misaki Assistant Professor Morphology/Structure
TAKIKAWA Masahiro Assistant Professor
TANAKA Nobukiyo Assistant Professor Structural biochemistry
The characterization and structural analysis of glycoside associated protein
Single-molecule poralised FRET analysis of conformational dynamics of F1-ATPase

Information on Career Paths

  • Graduate School
  • Information Industry
  • Civil Servant
  • Machinery and Appliances
  • Food
  • Professional and Technical Services
  • Education, Learning Support
  • Finance, Insurance
  • Non-Profit Organization
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Transport and Postal Activities
  • Other (Persons Planning on Continuing Education, Studying Abroad, etc.)
(As of March 2021)