The Department of Management aims to respond to society's requirements, by emphasizing quantitative and empirical approaches based not only on social science but also the knowledge and technology of science and engineering, by providing teaching and research on academic theories for business management and their practical techniques, and cultivating practical and creative human resources who can respond to and proactively deal with the rapid and complex transformations of industrial society associated with developments in information technology.

List of Research Areas and Faculty Members

Major Name Title Research Area
Management OE Akitsu Associate Professor Organizational behavior, Organizational learning, Inovation management
ONISHI Hiroshi Associate Professor Marketing Science, Social Media
YAMANE Satoka Associate Professor Management Accounting
JEON HAEJUN Junior Associate Professor Corporate finance , Real options
ARAI Akiko Junior Associate Professor Marketing, Branding, Sport Marketing
YASUDA Naoki Junior Associate Professor Strategic Management, Macro Organizational Behavior
WATANABE Mariko Junior Associate Professor International Management
Management Science UMEZAWA Masashi Professor Game Theory, Industrial Organization
SHI Jianming Professor System and applied Mathematics, Operations Research/ Management Science, Numerical Optimization
SHIMOKAWA Tetsuya Professor Decision Making, Financial Engineering
SHOJI Isao Professor Quantitative Finance
SEKITANI Kazuyuki Professor Operations Research
NOGAMI Shinya Professor Information Communication Engineering, Traffic Control, Performance Evaluation
NODA Hideo Professor Econometrics
MUTO Shigeo Professor Game Theory, Economics of Information
ANDO Shin Associate Professor Machine Learning, Data Mining, Intelligent System
Marat Zhanikeev Associate Professor Algorithms, Optimizations and Learning for Bigdata/ IoT/Clouds
NOZAWA Masahiro Associate Professor Applied Statistics, Statistical Data Analysis
HOSAKA Tadaaki Associate Professor Probabilistic and statistical Data Analysis Image Processing
SUGAWARA Shinya Junior Associate Professor Econometrics, Health Economics
NAKADA Satoshi Junior Associate Professor Game Theory, Microeconomics, and Social Choice Theory
FUJISHIMA Shota Junior Associate Professor Urban and Regional Economics, Evolutionary Game Theory, Network Science
Management of Technology KIKKAWA Takeo Professor Business History, Energy Industry
MIYANAGA Hiroshi Professor Concept Creation, Serendipity, Business Strategy