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Cultivate Human Resources Who Have Acquired Advanced, Specialized Knowledge On Top of Sufficient Basic Scholastic Ability, and Who Possess a Strong Sense of Ethics and Abundant Human Qualities

The basic philosophy of the Faculty of Science Division II is the "advancement of science," which has been the spirit of the university ever since its foundation, and meritocracy, which is an educational policy for enabling only students who have acquired true merit to graduate. The university has a 129-year history, going back to education based on evening classes at the time of its establishment as the Tokyo Butsurigaku Koshujo (Tokyo Academy of Physics). This represents the history itself of the Faculty of Science Division II, and this mentality is still carried on today. In Japan, which has adopted the slogan of being a "science and technology-oriented country" and orients the development of the country and global contribution as its targets, science which is the foundation of science and technology, is taking an increasingly important position. The meaning of the spirit behind the "advancement of science" still stands today. What makes the Faculty of Science Division II different from Division I is simply the fact that classes are held in mainly in the evenings. Accordingly, the educational goal of this faculty is the same as that of Division I, which is "cultivation of human resources who have acquired advanced specialized knowledge on top of sufficient fundamental scholastic ability, and who possess a strong sense of ethics and abundant human qualities that are backed by an enriched education."

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Message from the Dean

Takashi Meguro

Faculty of Science Division II
Dean, Takashi Meguro

Promote Distinctive Education as the Only Evening Undergraduate School for Science in Japan While Maintaining the Same Level of Education and Research as the Faculty of Science Division

The largest characteristic of the Faculty of Science Division II is that it is the only evening Undergraduate School for science in Japan. In order to support an advanced scientific and technological society, it is important to increase basic wisdom of the general public in relation to science, and the existence of this Undergraduate School as a place that makes it possible for society to systematically learn authentic science will become increasingly important in the future. An educational environment where students with a wide range of ages who have a diverse sense of purpose as a place where they can learn about life and how to live, not only studying. As the only difference with Division I is the time of classes, Division II realizes educational contents and a level of research that are equivalent to those of Division I, and covers the 3 academic fields of mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well as cutting-edge research and development, while emphasizing the learning of basic knowledge. There are many research groups in which students from both Division I and Division II belong, and in third-year specialized elective courses, students may take Division I classes. There is also an increasing trend every year in the number of students who go on to Graduate School, and it is also possible for students to lead a diverse, vibrant college life with their friends.