MIYAZOE Terumi  Associate Professor
Tokyo University of Science, Institute of Arts and Sciences, Kagurazaka Division, Institute of Arts and Sciences
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Address 1-3 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-8601, Japan
TEL : +81-3-3260-4271
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Under-Graduate School
  • International Christian University Faculty of Liberal Arts Humanities Division 
Graduate School
  • Graduate School of Athabasca University Graduate School of Distance Education Distance Education Master's Degree
  • UCL: University of London, Institute of Education Graduate School, Division of Education TESOL Master's Degree
  • International Christian University Graduate School, Division of Comparative Culture Comparative Culture Master's Degree
  • International Christian University Graduate School, Division of Education Methodology of Education Doctoral Degree
Postgraduate Qualification
  • International Christian University PhD in Education
Research History
  • 2003-present: Blended Learning, Instructional Design, Online learning, CALL, History of distance education in higher education
Employment History
  • 198806-198808 State University of New York at Buffalo
    199201-199409 University of Bordeaux III, University of Sorbonne
    200009-200508 Rikkyo University, Adjunct Lecturer
    200804-201903 Open University of Japan (OUJ), Seasonal Lecturer
    200904-201803 Tokyo Denki Unviersity, Associate Professor
    200904-201903 International Christian University, Institute for Educational Research & Service, Research Fellow
    202204-202303 International Christian University (ICU), Institute for Educational Research and Service(IERS), Research Fellow
Research Keyword Educational Technology: Applied Linguistics, Distance Education
Research Area
  • Educational technology (Learning Science)
  • Foreign language education (Applied Linguistics)
  • Education (Distance and Online Education)
Research Theme
Academic Awards Received
Academic Society Affiliations
  • 2022.4.1 - 2024.3.31

    International Christian University: Institute for Educational Research and Service Research Fellow

  • 2021.2.1 - 2025.1.31

    International Conference on Blended Learning (ICBL) Program Committee member

  • 2021.2.1 - 2025.1.31

    International Symposium on Educational Technology (ISET) Program Committee member

  • 2019.2.1 - 2021.2.28

    Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE) Reviewer

  • 2017.9.1 - 2019.3.31

    ICU Institute of Education and Research Service (IERS) ジャーナル査読委員 Reviewer

  • 2016.4.1 - 2021.9.30

    The Shigakukai 運営実行委員

  • 2015.4.1 - 2023.10.31

    Japan Association for Educational Media Study English jounal editor/reviewer

Guest Professor