RIST Outline

Division of Advanced Urbanism and Architecture

Director  Motomu UNO, Professor, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering 
Research Content City Culture, City Planning, City Performances Researches on urban and architectural Design, which are composed of three research fields above. We will contribute to urban re-development and re-design for the existing study area, proposing sustainable urban environment by research results and design studies as scientific knowledge.
Objetcitves The construction of the city environment plan theory that is sustainable and resilient by updating of modern architecture and urban infrastructure.

-The Research Highlight, 2016-

■Characteristics of the Research Division

As for the problems about today’s urban environment and urban life, which become highly modernized and industrialized, almost of them are caused by complex and correlative matters. Only results of individual research areas that have been finely specialized and divided, can not solve the problems of necessity of sustainability and resilience for creating, maintaining and managing good human urban environment.

Therefore, our research division aims to the construction of practical integration system of city forming, and it will be reduced to the region as a specific scientific knowledge, helping to build up urban planning policy. From the points of reduction to society of results of academic research and social contribution of the university, and administrative organizations, private companies, NPO, etc. expect to our field of research. And our division has the characteristics that it belongs to social engineering, like civil engineering.

■Academic and Social Features

achievement in each field. Therefore, they are recognized as leaders of each fields of major academic societies, Architectural Institute of Japan, Japan Society of Urban Planning, and Japanese Architecture History Society and others. Comprehensive research by collaboration utilizing the expertise of each researcher and its reduction to society are demands from society and era, and the framework of this study department that specializes in dvanced research of urban environment makes it possible to implement elastically and quickly. It is the advantages of the researchers of this division and our team can make full use of the network of each academic society, and it also

becomes the social characteristic. As for originality of this research division, one is that we will cooperate and perform the advanced study of each field that primarily affects a building and city planning, and another is that we will analyze the overall issues of modern city in the context of a hronological Edo-Tokyo 400 years to study on designing and planning methodology. Especially, researches of the Outer Moat(Sotobori) surrounding area and Kagurazaka area, where is the home town of TUS, are region with unique characteristics in the points of world city history and of world urban structure.

So, it can be said that this study will gather attention internationally.

■Research Area

Research area is, firstly Sotobori with its outskirts area and Kagurazaka campus area.

Secondly same type area of modernized castle towns (Nagoya, Osaka etc.) inside Japan, thirdly same type area of Asian cities (Seoul, Beijing, Bangkok etc.) that is going to be modernized. We will model urban structure of process of each city and apply graded results of research sequentially and develop to general urban research.


Tbl.1 Research field and partners

■Future Development

We will develop regional researches, contributions to local communities, and regional exchanges to the subject area, aiming a modeling of city revitalization plan. And we will generalize to a regional planning, evaluation of a plan, and agreement of a plan.


This research division is composed of experts of architecture, city planning and civil engineering. Stuffs belong to Division One and Division Two of Faculty of Engineering and to Faculty of Science and Engineering, and School of International Fire Science. For many years, researchers in this division continue to develop regional researches, contributions to local communities, and regional exchanges with thick accumulation of their researches. We aim to create results to contribute the areal development of Kagurazaka and Sotobori area where is the home of Tokyo University of Science.


Fig.1  Historical Changes of Kagurazaka “Outside of Sotobori”, Lecture of Professor Akihisa ITO, April 2014


Fig.2 “Sotobori-Kagurazaka 7 images”, CKARD_TUS, April 2014


Fig.3 “Brought Close between Town and Sotobori” Proposal to connect town and Sotobori with a barrier-free deck, Sotobori Reconstruction Plan Symposium, CKARD_TUS, May 2014

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