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Vice President of TUS Selected as Foreign Member of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

2017.05.02 Tuesday


On April 25, TUS Vice President Makoto Asashima was selected as a foreign member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in the Republic of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences was established in 1941 based on cooperation between the Republic of Lithuania and scientists. With a history of 76 years, members are selected in a general meeting of members of the Academy of Sciences (Lithuanian Academy of Sciences President: Valdemaras Razumas). Members consist of regular members (116 people), honorary members (40 people), and foreign members (64 people). This time marks the first time that a foreign member was chosen from Japan. Up until now, foreign members from the Asian region consisted of two researchers from India, but both had conducted research activities using the United States, etc. as their base, and thus, Vice President Asashima is the first researcher based in Asia to be selected.

The reason for his selection is his "development of developmental biology and contribution to learning with Lithuania." In accepting his selection, Vice President Asashima is planned to address the general meeting of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in the near future.

Vice President Asashima has already been presented with special awards from the Chairman of the Science Council of Lithuania and the Minister of Economy of Lithuania.

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