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[ 全著者名 ] 合同会社髙木秀太事務所
[ 発行所等 ] 株式会社誠文堂新光社
[ 発行日付 ] 2023年 3月
"Dawn of Industrial Design in Japan: From Crafts to Design in the 20th Century" in Invisible Architecture: Italian and Japanese architectural movements in the 1960s and 1970s and the contemporary debate
[ 全著者名 ] Kaon Ko
[ 発行所等 ] Milano: Silvana Editoriale
[ 発行日付 ] 2017年 2月
"Craft-mediated Designs: Explorations in Modernity and Bamboo" in Patterns and Layering: Japanese Spatial Culture, Nature, and Architecture
[ 全著者名 ] Salvator-John Liotta, Matteo Belfiore, Rafael Balboa, Ilze Paklone, Ling Zhang, Yao Chen, Catarina Vitorino, Bojan Milan Koncarevic, Federico Scaroni, Robert Baum, Cristiano Lippa, Kaon Ko
[ 発行所等 ] Berlin: Gestalten
[ 発行日付 ] 2012年 10月
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