Hachimori Yoshitaka  Associate Professor
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Mathematics
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Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501
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Under-Graduate School
  • 1994, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics 
Graduate School
  • 2001, The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Mathematical Sciences Mathematical Sciences Doctoral Degree
Postgraduate Qualification
  • The University of Tokyo Master of Mathematical Sciences
  • The University of Tokyo Ph.D of Mathematical Sciences
Research History 1994-- Research on number theory, especially, Iwasawa Theory
Employment History 200004-200103 the University of Tokyo, JSPS Research Fellow(DC2)
200104-200303 Gakushuin University, JSPS Research Fellow(PD)
200304-200403 Gakushuin University, Department of Mathematics, Part-time Assistant
200304-200409 Tokyo Institute of Technology, Part-time Lecturer
200404-200408 The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences,, Research Fellow of the 21st Century COE project
200404-200409 Nihon University, College of Industrial Technology, Part-time Lecturer
200408-200603 Centre Interuniversitaire en Calcul Mathematique Algebrique(CICMA, Montreal, Canada), CRM-CICMA Postdoctoral Fellow
200409-200505 Concordia University, Research Assistant Professor
200509-200512 Concordia University, Research Assistant Professor
200604-200703 Keio University, Department of Mathematics, Assistant Professor (non tenured)
200704-201103 Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Mathematics, Junior Associate Professor
201104- Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Sci
Sex Male
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Research Keyword Number Theory, Iwasawa Theory
Research Area
  • Algebra (Number theory, Iwasawa theory, elliptic curves, Selmer groups, p-adic Lie extensions)
Research Theme
  • It is believed that there exist mysterious relations between two quite differnt invariants, Selmer groups and L-functions, which are both attached to algebraic number fields or elliptic curves. Iwasawa theory studies generalizations and "p-adic" refinements of these relationships by considering these invariants over some big Galois extensions. Currently, I am studying "Noncommutative Iwasawa theory" and "Iwasawa theory for Galois representations" which are attempts to generalize the classical framework of Iwasawa theory.
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Guest Professor
  • 2015.4.1 - 2016.3.31

    DPMMS, Univ. of Cambridge (Visiting Scholar, 在外研究)