SAKAI Hideki  Professor
Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry
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Address 2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7124-1501
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Under-Graduate School
  • 1990, The University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering Department of Applied Chemistry 
Graduate School
  • 1995, The University of Tokyo Graduate School, Division of Engineering Department of Applied Chemistry Doctoral Degree
Postgraduate Qualification
  • The University of Tokyo Ph.D.(Engineering)
Research History
  • 1995-present Engaged in Research on Photoelectrochemistry and Applied interfacial chemistry
Employment History
  • 1995-1999 Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo Univ. Sci., Research Associate
    1998-1999 University of Delaware, Visiting Scientist
    2000-2003 Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo Univ. Sci., Lecturer
    2003-2012 Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo Univ. Sci., Associate Professor
    201204- Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo Univ. Sci., Professor
Research Keyword Applied Interfacial Chemistry, Interfacial Photoelectrochemistry
Research Area
  • Nanostructural chemistry (Nanoporous material, Hollow particle, core/shell particle)
  • Nanomaterials chemistry (Drug delivery system, Liposome, Cell Penetrating Peptide)
  • Physical chemistry (Surface properties, Interfacial properties, Solution properties, Phase diagram)
  • Functional solid state chemistry (Surfactant, Self assembly, Emulsion, Nanoparticles)
  • Organic and hybrid materials (Surfactant, Emulsion, Surface modification)
Research Theme
Academic Awards Received
  • 2023.8.23

    Review paper published in Chemistry Letters was chosen as an inside cover article

  • 2022.4.20

    JOCS Award

  • 2020.6.4

    Original paper published in "Langmuir" journal was chosen as a cover article

Academic Society Affiliations
  • 2019.10.1 - 2023.9.30

    Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspect Editorial Board

  • 2017.4.1 - 2021.3.31

    Japan Research Institute for Material Technology

  • 2015.6.1 - 2017.5.31

    Japan Oil Chemists' Society

  • 2015.6.1 - 2017.5.31

    Japan Oil Chemists' Society 理事

  • 2015.4.1 - 2018.10.31

    Chemical Society of Japan

  • 2006.9.1 - 2007.12.31

    Japan Society of Colour Material

Guest Professor
  • 2008.10.1 - 2009.3.31

    国立大学法人 奈良女子大学

  • 2017.10.1 - 2018.3.31