TUS chosen for 2017 Private University Research Branding Project


The Tokyo University of Science has been selected for the 2017 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Private University Research Branding Project. The Project was launched in 2016 and the University has been chosen for two years in succession.

The Private University Research Branding Project provides funding towards facilities, equipment and operating costs at private universities with a demonstrated holistic approach to the pursuit of research in unique and/or highly specialized areas with the support of the university president.

The Project brings together various different strands of space-related research at the University in the development of new forms of technology that can allow humans to survive for extended periods in the highly confined and fully sealed environment of space, the final frontier for humankind. As well as the obvious benefits for space exploration, the space survival systems developed under the Project will also be relevant to life on Earth. To this end, every effort will be made to fast-track commercial development of research outcomes through partnerships and tie-ups with private industry, providing tangible benefits for wider society such as bolstering national readiness and resilience, boosting food supplies and revitalizing the space industry.

Project title: Space Colony Research Base — Advanced Technology for Long-Term Survival in Space with Practical Terrestrial Applications

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