From 15th to 21st June, Vice President Chiaki Mukai delivered a Special lecture and Research Center member hold sessions at the Joint Symposium「32nd ISTS & 9th NSAT」


【Special Programs (Plenary, Invited Speakers)】Highlight III :Settlement on the Moon

Date: June 17 (Mon.) 16:15-18:30
Place: AOSSA Happiring

Coordinator: Ms. Misuzu Onuki (Space Frontier Foundation)
In this program, speakers will share the recent global trends of commercial activities relating to lunar explorations and development and discuss future business opportunities.

Moderator:Dr. Yoshifumi Inatani (ISAS/JAXA)

Dr. Chiaki Mukai (Space Colony Center, Tokyo Science Univ.) (TBC)
Dr. Takao Doi (Kyoto Univ.) (TBD)
Mr. John Mankins (Moon Village Association)
Luxembourg Space Resources (TBC)
Mr. Takeshi Hakamada (i-Space) (TBC)
Mr. Hideki Kanayama (Shimizu)
Mr. Ted Mcfarland, Blue Origin (TBC)
Mr. Henk Rogers (International Moon Base Alliance (IMA)) (TBC)

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【Session】The Research Center for Space Colony in Tokyo University of Science

Date:2019/06/19 16:00~17:40
Place:AOSSA  6F Room 602

■16:00~16:20 Vice Director Shinichi Kimura
The Research Center for Space Colony at the Tokyo University of Science Dual space–Earth development of future living technologies

■16:20~16:40 Mr.Vicente Rodriguez-Gonzalez
Plasma In-liquid Treatment for Sustainable Plant Factory Inspired in Rainstorm Natural Events.

■16:40~17:00 Team Leader Kazuya Nakata
Environmental purification in space using photocatalysis

■17:00~17:20 Mr.Ishwor Khatri
Self-Maintain CIGS Solar Cells for Space Application

■17:20~17:40 Associate Team Leader Isao Shitanda
Development of Wearable Ion Sensors and Self-Powered Biosensors for Potential Application to Realize Crew’s Space Quality of Life

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【Joint Symposium「32nd ISTS & 9th NSAT】