“Seminar Reports” The 7th Space Colony Seminar held on 1st November


Joint Seminar of “Research Center for Space Colony (TUS)” and  “SciSpaceE Microgravity Application Program, Emulsion Dynamics and Droplets Interface (EDDI project)” was held on Friday, November 1st.

At the beginning, Opening Remark explained the purpose of the center “development of technology necessary for humans to stay for a long time in the space (in a fully closed environment)”.
Director Mukai commented, “Technologies developed to live comfortably in space are also used on the ground, leading to the resolution of various ground problems such as disasters and food.”

■ Program

Opening Remark:Director Chiaki Mukai (Space Colony Research Center, TUS)
“TUS Space Colony research center Overview”

1) Prof. Libero Liggieri
(CNR-Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Energy Technologies)
“Results and perspectives on the investigation of the behavior of liquid interfaces, foams and emulsions under weightlessness conditions”

2) Prof. Luigi Cristofolini (University of Parma)
“Dynamics and ageing of emulsions”

3) Prof. Mickael Antoni (Aix-Marseille Unversite CNRS MADIREL)
“CFD simulation of a model bubbly emulsion”

4) Prof. Francesca Ravera (CNR-Instuitute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Energy Technologies)
“Surface properties and foamability of saponin and saponin-chitosan systems”

5)Dr. Makoto Natsuizaka (JAXA)
“Overview of the Space Experiments on International Space Station”

6) Prof. Yuji Yamashita (Chiba Institute of Technology)
“Dynamics of Colloidal Dispersion under Quasi-microgravity”

7) Prof. James Ferri (Virginia Commonwealth University)
“An Open Knowledge Network for Correlating Complex Materials Performance to Quantum Chemistry: MPrint OKN”

8)Prof. Isao Shitanda (Space Colony Research Center, TUS)
“Development of Wearable Sensors and Biofuel Cells for Space Application”

■ State of seminar

Moderator : Prof. Kazutami Sakamoto

Opening Remark : Director Chiaki Mukai

Prof. Libero Liggieri

Prof. Luigi Cristofolini

Prof. Mickael Antoni

Prof. Francesca Ravera

Dr. Makoto Natsuizaka

Prof. Yuji Yamashita

Prof. James Ferri

Prof. Isao Shitanda