Research Institute for Science & Technology Assistant Professor

Fabrication of CIGS solar cells for space use

We investigated radiation resistance and thermal tolerance on non-encapsulated CIGS solar cells. We found that electron irradiation on CIGS solar cells improve interfacial properties and generate extra energy during the long-term space application. In addition, we revealed that CIGS solar cells soak electron particles, reduce its defects and maintain itself for longer space life. Moreover, the thermal stability test on CIGS solar cells suggested that the materials of CIGS solar cells are robust to temperature by heat-cycles tests.

Research Paper

1. Ishwor Khatri, Junpei Matsuura, Mutsumi Sugiyama, and Tokio Nakada, “Effect of heat-bias-soaking on caesium fluoride-treated CIGS thin film solar cells”, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 27 (2019) 22-29.

2. Junpei Matsuura, Kosuke Shudo, Ishwor Khatri, Mutsumi Sugiyama, Tokio Nakada, “Tunable carrier concentration of NaF-treated CIGS solar cells using heat-light soaking and subsequent heating”, physica status solidi - Rapid Research Letters, 12 (2018) 1800053.

3. Ishwor Khatri, Kosuke Shudo, Junpei Matsuura, Mutsumi Sugiyama, Tokio Nakada, “Impact of heat-light soaking on potassium fluoride treated CIGS solar cells with CdS buffer layer”, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 26 (2018) 171-178.