Hiroshi GOTODA

Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor

Research Paper

1. Spatiotemporal dynamics and early detection of thermoacoustic combustion instability
in a model rocket combustor, Tatsuya Hashimoto, Hajime Shibuya, Hiroshi Gotoda, Yuya Ohmichi, and Shogo Matsuyama, Physical Review E, vol. 99, 032208 (7 pages),2019

2. Dynamic behavior of temperature field in a buoyancy-driven turbulent fire, Kazushi Takagi, Hiroshi Gotoda, Isao T. Tokuda, and Takaya Miyano, Physics Letters A, vol. 382, pp. 3181-3186, 2018

3. Effect of gravity on nonlinear dynamics of flow velocity field in turbulent fire, Kazushi Takagi and Hiroshi Gotoda, Physical Review E, vol. 98, 032207 (7 pages), 2018

4. Synchronization of two coupled turbulent fires, Kazushi Takagi, Hiroshi Gotoda, Takaya Miyano, Shogo Murayama, and Isao T. Tokuda, Chaos, vol. 28, 045116 (6 pages), 2018

5. 乱流火災の時空構造の複雑さと同期, 後藤田 浩, 高木 一至, 徳田功, 宮野尚哉, 日本燃焼学会誌, 第60巻, No. 192, pp. 83-92, 2018