About Teams

Team 01

Space QOL & System Designing Team

As the head of the project, this team assumes that humans will stay for a long time on the moon and be exposed to certain environmental conditions, such as microgravity and low pressure. The team aims to design a safety net that will assure safety, security, and medical help during their stay. The team will also develop appropriate systems for a comfortable stay, while extracting essential technologies.

Team 02

Space Agri Technology Team

This team will develop underlying technology for hygienic space agriculture to enable self-sufficiency even in a resourceless, closed space in the universe. To achieve this purpose, the team will use the in-liquid plasma technology together with photocatalysis.

Team 03

Energy Creation & Storage Technology Team

This team will undertake the development of high-efficiency, high-power solar cells made of materials with excellent radiation resistance. It will also engage in developing a thermal cell power generation system that utilizes the energy available from a difference between indoor and outdoor temperature; the system can work even at night. Other targets of the team include a flywheel type high-energy-density power-storage system that works with solar and thermal cells.

Team 04

Water & Air Recycle Technology Team

This team will develop a system to maintain a closed environment in space. It will study ways to separate and convert the substances discharged from the human body and equipment, in order to enable water and the air to be recycled in the closed environment, by using functional materials such as photocatalysts.