The Research Center for Space Colony was established to research anddevelop the technologies needed by humans to stay in a fully closedenvironment for a long time, which will be indispensable for the development of space. The Center gathers and uses various technologiesrelated to satellite parts, functional materials, energy generation, architecture, IoT, and sensors developed by the Tokyo University of Science.
The University is the foremost privately-run science and engineering university in Japan and is known for its excellence in cross-disciplinary research. Based on the outstanding track record of the University, the Center is thus extending the boundaries for the human race.


The Center is conducting R&D with the aim of advancing technologies that are useful for staying in space and beneficial on Earth and then promptly passing such technologies to private companies that collaborate with our University, to promote their social use. To this end, it has set a target for contributing to the revitalization of the space industry. The Center also focuses on developing disaster-resistant housing technology to help reinforce the land and infrastructure of the nation and solving food problems.
R&D is carried out by four teams working together, focusing on: (1)project consolidation and Space QOL & System Designing, (2) Space Agri Technology, (3) Energy Creation & Storage Technology, and (4) Water & Air Recycle Technology. The Center will integrate the techniques that result from such R&D and promptly transfer them to private companies that are capable of putting them to practical use. In the future, our R&D will aim to upgrade those technologies that can be utilized in space as well as on Earth.

Moon Base Frontier Medicine and Space QOL
Director/Vice President/Astronaut Chiaki MUKAI